In 1964, 13yrs old boy started his journey barefooted from A small village of Saurashtra to apprentice as a diamond cutter.
1970, A few years later he set up the company along with two partners that has flourished and developed into an enviable Diamond manufacturing business.
In 1977 Govind Dholakia went on his business trip to Antwerp for the first time ever. This opened new avenues of business for him. Since then his business grew and also he made the profit of Rs. 9 lakhs out of it.
In 1980 along with his partners, he built a factory with proper & required machinery having accommodation for --- workers. Business continued to flourish with the hard work & efficiency of all the partners.
In 1995 all partners decided to diversify and parted to set up their own diamond manufacturing firms.
In 1996 Govind Dholakia redeveloped the factory into three story building and upgraded the technology with laser machines and computer-based management systems in the factory accommodating 1200 craftsmen and 500 office staff members. This was just the beginning of his dream project.
In 1997 Govind Dholakia expanded his horizon. His vision continued to grow like his business in Indian as well as International markets.

He received several awards & recognition in the industry for his outstanding contribution in the industry. His hunger for growth did not stop there.
In 2003 Govind Dholakia expanded and diversified into jewellery segment, he set up 'Jewel Goldi a jewellery manufacturing unit in SEEPZ – Mumbai to cater International Clients.
In 2004 he set up another jewellery manufacturing unit 'Jewel Goldi (India) in MIDC – Mumbai to cater Indian Domestic market. In the same year he started with 'Jewel Goldi (NY) Inc., in New York, to promote Jewelry sales in USA and to provide better services to the clients.

With this he strengthened his base in the International markets. This year was full of great achievements.
In the year 2007 he brought one of the latest technology machines in the factory Sarin planner. It was the first company in the industry to own 100+ machines in the factory for which he was honored & recognized by Sarin Technology Ltd, Israel.
In 2011 Govind Dholakia took SRK to newer heights by inaugurating one of the largest factories - ‘SRK Empire’ in the industry with all the latest technology and machines. His beautiful factory is one of the best example in the industry. With this his dream came true and today he is living with his dream SRK. His life is a source of inspiration too many in the industry, with no higher educational degrees, and no forefathers in this business, he single-handedly established such a gigantic brand – SRK. He believes that ‘Problem is Progress’.

“Positivity and strong will power is his key for success. There is no space for negative feelings.”
Recognition by FedEx International Business League (IBL) for “Outstanding Entrepreneurship”

SRK developed in-house research and development center (SRKID) to cater its increasing need for skilled artisans against shortage in industry.
Jewellery News Asia (JNA) Award for “Manufacturer of the Year - Diamond Cutting & Polishing” and “Employer of the Year”.

ISO 50001:2011 (Energy Management Standard) certified Company by British Standards Institute (BSI).

Scientist and Former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam visited SRK Empire as a part of 50 years celebration.
SRK Group Chairman Mr. Govind Dholakia addressed 100 Scientist of ISRO.

Shree Ramkrishna Research & Knowledge Institute of Diamond (SRKID) declared the only authorized institute for vocational training in Gems & Jewellery Industry by Government of Gujarat State.