50 Years back a boy barefooted at the age of 13, started his journey from Surat with a vision to alter business ideas into larger prospects of prosperity and mankind. He started apprentice as a diamond cutter and an Artisan. Over a period of year or two he steadily started practicing the trading of diamonds. His self-belief and the zeal of conquering something in life inspired him to start a small company along with his two partners. Since then the journey of rough to an admirable diamond started. By means of his practices - of human life, dignity, humility, simplicity and modesty – have earned him a heartfelt salutation as ‘The Legend’ today. His small company has flourished and developed into an empire, raised over years of toil and hard work, in a testament of his integrity.

Today SRK is one of the leading diamond manufacturing unit in Surat, Gujarat (India) includes brands such as Jewel Goldi (JGI) & The Jewellery Co.(TJC). It has carved a niche in national as well as at international arena.

SRK Family has more than 5,000 team members and clients spread globally. All this success originated with a first consignment of rough diamonds that Mr. Govind Dholakia bought with a loan of 500 Indian rupees. He says - ‘When I approached a broker with the diamonds that I had polished, I could have under quoted the price to cut out the competition, But I knew my stones were of a superior quality, which is why I remained true to my craftsmanship. So, I got my first break by sticking to the truth & sincerity, and since then trust, honesty and positive thoughts have played an important role in my life and in SRK’s existence.

The Principal Founder and Chairman of Shree Ramakrishna Exports Pvt.Ltd. - Mr. Govind Dholakia is the key to the success of 50 years of SRK. His has only one Passion – Diamonds & one base – Honesty With the blend of these two extreme qualities he successfully created his Team of Fine craftsmen and best leaders. Today he leads the path of success & team is proud to have him as a leader not only that, but his vision and guidance still directs the team to exceed their expectations.

He say’s - Dream big, but Dream with your eyes opens.

Today his dream is inevitable that satisfies the desire and dreams of thousands of people. His phenomenal achievement showed the industry that limitations were only in the mind, And that nothing was truly unattainable for those who dream big. He always preaches and practices - “I am Nothing, But I can do Anything”. This slogan became “SRK Mantra” every person who is part of SRK family. It’s his extraordinary thoughts and positive frame of mind that structured the growth of SRK.